iPhone's best feature is coming to Android phones

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Soon you'll be able to send texts both from your desktop and from your Android phone...

For the most part, Android users have it pretty good. Android users get to chose from a bevvy of phones far more diverse than Apple's offering and can enjoy a level of freedom that Apple users can’t even imagine.

A crucial missing feature has been something like Apple's iMessage though, which turns mere texting into something much more functional, letting you seamlessly send messages from a laptop or any other Apple device.

But, according to leaked screenshots from XDA Developers, that beloved feature of iMessages might be coming to Android pretty soon. The team obtained screenshots from Google’s Android Messages app showing a desktop client and, while Google has not yet confirmed the news, these screenshots all but confirm that desktop integration is coming to the app.

According to these screenshots, the way the desktop integration will work is:

- First, download the Android Messages app,
- then visit the webpage

Currently, there is nothing there, but when the service launches that site will have a QR code you can scan with your phone. This will link the app downloaded to your device, to the web app and you’ll be able to send texts from any web browser.

There’s no word on when this service will launch, but it’s possible Google could make the official announcement at their I/O conference in early May.

It looks like it’s only a matter of time before Android finally gets one of the best features available on Apple devices.

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