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Burnout Record! Over 170 Cars...

Over 170 cars attempt to break the world record simultaneously doing a burnout in Colorado Bandimere Speedway. At a lot of car meets and events, you'll always find the guys trying to do a rev off competition, some will have some anti-lag systems creating some pops and bangs...typi

Made Mike Tears Up Lambo To Build Drift Car...

Meet the man who tears up Lambos to build drift cars, no other than Mad Mike himself. Those who want to get started in the drift scene are probably not sponsored and will settle and be happy with something like a Nissan 200SX or similar, quite possible stock for starters, maybe a good serv

Scuba Diver Finds Chevrolet Corvette...

Diver finds a Chevrolet Corvette while scuba diving. Once in a while, a great story surfaces about an incredibly rare car find, whether it be in a barn, in a storage warehouse or even underground! But this one simply takes the cake, a man finds quite a rare collector's item, a retro Chevro

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