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This Mercedes 300SL Clone Will Blow Your Socks Off...

Is this the best Mercedes 300SL clone ever? Yes, it is. Wow, Just. Wow. This is a Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing but, well, it's not.This is actually a replica built using fibreglass moulds created off an original, and it is spectacular. Under the skin sits a Mercedes-Benz SLK c

When Ricer Mods Ruin Great Cars...

This video, for most of us at least, will make you cry as the ricer mods attached to these gorgeous cars simply ruins them. Here at SXdrv, we are impressed by some ricers who take the time to create gorgeous looking cars, even if they are 'all show and no go'. This time though, I am lost f

A Million Dollar 1980s VW Scirocco? You Betcha!...

So, what is it? It's a pretty sweet, highly modified million dollar VW Scirocco – dah! Let's find out more. A man named Jason Whipple bought this car in 2010. His intention? To make it an accomplished track car that can get him home afterwards. We can consider it a job accomplished.

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