Amazon made an efficient app to save data

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Amazon recently launched an Android web browser app that is designed to use minimal storage and data. It is called the Internet.

The app has been sitting unspotted in the Google Play Store since March. Amazon has not made it public, but the downfall is that the 'Internet' is only available in India – for now, hopefully – and runs on Android 5.0 and higher devices.

The app offers a web browser that supports private tabs that do not save browser history and it has a homepage that shows cricket news and more general headlines for its users.

Internet is reminiscent of Facebook Lite, YouTube Go, or Gmail Go, all apps that companies launched as slimmer versions of the original apps, to save users data in the end. They provide the same features as the full apps but it also takes up less space and is optimised for spotty network connections.

Amazon will have to do better with its browser if it wants people to switch from Chrome or anything else that's already installed on their phones.

Keep an eye out for any updates.

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